Some posts on this site will reference active information resources called CDF files. These resources will contain data, statistical and mathematical processing, and active graphical content that allow the user to view data, and allow entry of parameterized information to exhibit results of experiment. 
CDF stands for Computable Document Format developed by Wolfram. Their Mathematica Application is used to build and publish CDF files. These CDF files can be executed by the Wolfram CDF Player, a browser-based plugin, linked to below.
At this time, the CDF player is available for only PC level hardware. Development of a CDF player is underway for the iPad, but hasn’t been released at this time. When an IOS player is made available, I will post a link the app page in the iTunes Store. I fully expect such a player to be available within the year, since Mathematica demonstrated an iOS app in February of 2012. 
  • PC Level CDF Player: Click here to install the free Mathematica CDF Player


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